A developer of carbon sequestration projects across Africa and emerging markets

54carbon is a developer of carbon sequestration and climate impact mitigation projects across the African continent. Presently, the sourcing, financing, and developing of climate projects across Africa is nascent and disparate. Many opportunities are not developed for lack of a proper economic model, funding and expertise needed are not available, and the process of carbon credit verification is long and onerous.

In response to the current ecosystem, 54carbon provides a holistic approach to identifying, developing, and monetizing climate related projects sustainably. Our process involves sourcing or creating projects from scratch, securing rights and financing, providing expertise and executional capabilities in the projects development, and efficiently developing the carbon offset or credit units.

Our interest ranges across project types including reforestation, aforestration, conservation, forestry management, mangrove, biodigestives, biochar, regenerative agriculture, offgrid solar and wind, marine carbon, and more.