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Akili is long Africa, permanent capital. We build, buy, and invest for the African century.

Who We Are

Akili is a long Africa permanent vehicle for investing and re-investing on the continent. We are not a fund, but a flexible holding company that invests, builds, co-creates, acquires and scales ventures. We have and are growing a diversified portfolio of high-growth African companies.

Akili believes that the future is African, and while the continent is full of entrepreneurs and hustle, it lacks some of the systems, processes, and business infrastructure taken for granted in Silicon Valley or Shanghai. Akili empowers African entrepreneurs and operators, bringing them some of the best product, design and development expertise in the world, and the know-how to efficiently build new ventures through customer development, validation, experimentation, prototyping, recruiting, go-to-market, and sales.

For our investors and partners, Akili offers a unique ability to invest broadly in Africa's future, help propel its growth, solve critically important problems of the 21st century, work with great African entrepreneurs, while building generation-defining value.

Why Africa?

If demographics are destiny and outcomes are tied to growth, Africa is only accelerating its global relevance over the coming decades. In the next thirty years, 25% of the global population will reside in Africa. By the end of the century, 40%. Africa is the fastest growing continent measured by both population and GDP, with growth rates across the continent outpacing most of the world, even in a global downturn. Given this trajectory, this century, as Africa goes, so goes the world.

The most important problems, and biggest opportunities, of the 21st century are in Africa. To meet them, the continent's entrepreneurs and creatives will make themselves heard. Akili exists to identify, support, and build alongside them.

We believe in an African century, where the continent must play a leading role in humanity's growth and survival. We’re doing everything we can to make it happen.

Invest With Us

Want to invest alongside us in some of Africa's incredible entrepreneurs? Akili Scout is an investment club and syndicate, aggregating dealflow from Akili's network of startups and entrepreneurs across the continent. We're currently transitioning to an operating rolling fund, we'll update our Scout LPs when we're ready, but feel free to join our syndicate in the meantime.

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