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Across Africa, e-commerce is growing but still limited, geographically and demographically. Yam is a B2B2C and B2C e-comm platform that taps into the power of community. Yam partners with groups — i.e. Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), Informal Groups - “Chamas”, MFIs, SACCOs, consumer software companies — and therefore, leverages the aggregated networks and community interactions that these organizations facilitate.

How does Yam do this?

  1. Embedding the eCommerce platform into existing software by placing the shopping experience within a partner’s existing customer journey or business model.
  2. Organizing informal groups through the Yam Mobile Application to assist in running their day-to-day, digitizing their operations, and plugging directly into a group’s custom Yam shop.

By partnering with suppliers and communities, Yam delivers quality and affordable products at the customer’s preferred location. Through these partnerships, Yam also provides an additional source of revenue for its partners and data to unlock customer profiles and ultimately the growth of the consumer class.